It’s the Final Countdown

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No, not that Final Countdown–the final countdown to Finding Perfect! 

With seven days to go before its release, I thought it would be fun to faux-cast a Finding Perfect movie. This book looks a lot like a John Hughes film in my imagination, with a great soundtrack and realistic characters. So who would I choose to play those characters?


Paige is brunette, too serious for her own good sometimes, with eyes full of soul and pain she tries hard to hide. Which makes Alice Englert a great choice.

Alice Englert 2

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Ben is tall, with glasses, an analytical mind, and a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He’s strong, but constantly worrying about the future. Given his strong personality and hidden vulnerability, I think Asa Butterfield would do him justice.

ASa butterfield



Blond, blue-eyed, gorgeous Zoey—who also happens to be a fantastic friend to Paige. A beautiful girl with a surprising side. And for that, we need Elle Fanning.



So, what do you think? Who would you pick to star in your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?


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