Fresh Start

Howdy everyone,

Some of you might already have kids in school, but mine start on 8/24. New beginnings for both–one starting high school (marching band, ROTC) and the other pulling away from her tweens. It’s a really exciting time…and I keep asking how on earth I got so old. I mean, that Duran Duran song I just heard still rocks. On the oldies channel.

::drops face in hands::

That’s the thing, though. No matter what age you are, there are always fresh starts, new beginnings, changes. Some good, some not, but always a change. And some things stay the same–like the picture, I have a cat napping on my lap right now.  But more often than not, they change. We weren’t built to be stagnant creatures. Our bodies were made to move, and our minds were made to ponder. This is a good thing.

For me, this fall will be a busy one. I’m now a high school Band Mom (yes, that deserves capital letters, trust me), the servant to four cats–little Tori has brought us a lot of joy after we lost Joey–and the author of two new novels on the horizon. Wonderful stuff. Big changes.

How about you? What’s happening for you this fall?

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