Waiting on Fall TV 2015

Howdy friends!

I’m going to admit two things up front for this post:

  1. I don’t watch much TV.
  2. What I do watch, I tend to fangirl over.

That said, this fall looks like it could be pretty epic for my shows (and for lots of shows, actually). First up is a favorite for me and my daughter–Once Upon a Time.

The Dark Swan! The Dark Swan! The Dark Swan! Of all the great mashups they’ve done (Peter Pan was my favorite), this could be the most out-there amazing yet. I’m eager (and a little nervous) to see how the Savior Emma Swan changes now that she’s an instrument of eeeeeeevillll. ::flails::


The next show is one I’m not caught up on (so no spoilers, please!!). My husband and I are recent converts to The Blacklist and have binged season one on Netflix. Guess what? Season two came out last week! We’re going to DVR season three and get caught up, but seriously…who doesn’t love a man who’s as dangerous and charming as Red Reddington? And the man can sure wear a hat.


Show three is one my whole family watches together. It took me a while to get into it, but now the storyline is cooking, and I can’t wait to see season three. The set up for Civil War will happen during this season, and I’m really interested to see how they do it. The show set up Winter Soldier pretty well, so this could be a really strong season.

Finally, I really want to know what Gollum told Sheldon about that ring….my son devoured the first seven seasons this summer, and is waiting on the season eight DVD. This is a show that explains my geek charming husband and his friends to a T–The Big Bang Theory.

Oh, and I’m so THERE for the Muppets. Be still my 9-year-old heart! I’m also eagerly awaiting Sherlock 4, Daredevil 2, and Downton Abbey, but those won’t start until sometime in 2016 (or 2017 in Sherlock’s case ::weeps::).  More on those next year.

How about you? What shows left you hanging from a cliff last spring that you’re anxiously awaiting to start?

7 thoughts on “Waiting on Fall TV 2015

  1. johnportley

    As I am needing more time to work on my own writing, my bar is being set higher for entertainment in my downtime. Very good shows are possibly being dropped from my to-watch list this year, with DVD purchases in the future to compensate, if I am still tempted. As well, to keep the entertainment at a high level, I may actually substitute great shows from the past to fill in (say, the first season of Murder One or Twin Peaks). When I do my actual writing, recently experiencing excellent television story creation helps immeasurably.

    My anticipations are…

    Agent Carter is a great action show with a very strong female character—she has to be in order to survive in the chauvinistic early twentieth century.

    If one prefers the night time to watch their soap opera, and have it accompanied with great music, I would suggest Nashville. The trick with a soap opera is not going off the rails, but the fantastic music is the greatest draw, and even though not all of the character arcs work for me every episode, there are at least a couple that do. Watching a soap opera episode is a bit like listening to an album—not every song is a chart topper, but you can still appreciate the craftsmanship of the effort enough to wait for the parts that most interest you.

    Gotham is my favorite show on television, and is definitely, highly anticipated by me—putting unexpected twists into a mythos that one thought that they understood, yet discover that the layers are so much deeper. There was so much done in the first season that it nearly knocked my socks off.

    Sherlock is the best current international show, by far.

    Once or twice a year, Comcast, my cable provider, has a promotion week in which one can watch dozens of shows from the premium networks for free. I am cleaning off my DVR in preparation to record the latest seasons of Game of Thrones, the docu-series VICE, True Detective, Strike Back, if new episodes are available, and perhaps re-watch The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Possibly HBO, which has opening up more of its old library, will also offer The Adventures of Tintin, Encyclopedia Brown, and Philip Marlow, Private Eye once again.

    Muppets will get a look from me as well, The Blacklist is still on my list, and Supergirl is worth a trial, along with The Player, Blindspot (this and The Player each have a star from Strike Back), Limitless, Agent X on TNT, Game of Silence (mid-season series), and Heroes Reborn, which looks like a more intelligent version of the first Heroes (the webisodes really hooked me). And did you know that a re-boot of Xena, Warrior Princess is in development at NBC? And Emerald City, based on the Oz books, is filming? THAT I would LOVE to see (and hope that the powers-that-be do not screw up).

  2. johnportley

    A quick addendum (or two)…I just finished looking at four preview clips of Blindspot, and think that it would appeal to someone who likes The Blacklist. It hits the same buttons, but in its own unique way. Mysterious backstory, a set of missions tied to, in this case, a set of tattoos to which the owner has no knowledge [and is amnesiac, speaks multiple languages, and apparently was trained similarly to a Special Forces soldier].

    I was wondering if you read the YA near future mystery-thriller Cyber Dawn? I just finished it yesterday. Fantastic new writer.


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