Cover Reveal: UPRISING

I promised last week to show off this beauty, and here it is…the cover to the UNSTRUNG sequel–UPRISING:


Uprising-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


Isn’t it gorgeous? I continue to adore everything Streetlight Graphics can do. And here’s the back cover blurb:


Master thief Lexa Pate always prided herself on never being caught. That changed the night she freed the artificial humans of Triarch City, a people she’s still learning to identify with. Now, imprisoned by the government, she’s separated from her family—and the love of her life—while facing murder charges. What she doesn’t know is something far worse awaits her: the Quad intends to make her pay for her crimes.

After helplessly watching Lexa be captured, Quinn has to place his trust in a group of people he barely knows to save the girl he loves. The rebels outside Triarch City have the equipment—and the information—he needs to rescue Lexa. But, knowing the Quad has sophisticated brainwashing techniques, his biggest worry is who she’ll be even if they do manage to bring her home.

Pawns in a game they barely understand, Lexa and Quinn will have to use all the gifts they possess to fight the powers seeking to control them and find a way back to each other. 

Before it’s too late.


If you tune in November 3, you’ll see a sneak peek of chapter one (and newsletter subscribers will see both chapters one and two!). If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, and want the extended teaser, you can sign up using the form on the left sidebar until November 1st to be included.

We’re getting closer to release (tentatively, November 21, maybe sooner). This one has been a beast, and I’m ready to see it out in the world. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks, and thanks so much for checking out the cover!

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