Spring Makeover

DaisyHi there! If you visited my other website, you’ve probably noticed a little difference around here. It’s true–I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning. Oh, you can still find all things Matt Archer over at the brand-new matt-archer.com, but the main site is getting a lift and tuck.  You’ll see tweets and updates from both websites, and the Monsters and Mayhem Blog will continue to come out on Tuesdays from matt-archer.com. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss any scary bunnies or controlled demolition posts, that’s for sure!

On the new kendrachighley.com,  you can expect news outside of Matt’s world, as well as the Friday Rambles blog. I’ll be easy to find, not to worry.

So, you’re probably asking, “Why the face lift? We liked our dark and scary webpage! This page has a FLOWER on it!”  Well, while I love Matthew Jonathon Archer dearly, he’s not the only guy I write about. I’m developing this site for the other side of my writing-heart, Contemporary YA.  There will probably still be monsters, but they’ll be the very human variety: strict parents, bullies, self-doubt and dark moments of the soul.

“But,” you ask. “What about that darn flower?”

I chose the flower more because it’s Spring and I’m itching to get into my garden to plant. Texas weather doesn’t always cooperate, though, and it’s never safe to plant before mid-April, so the cartoon flower is the best I can do until then. It doesn’t mean I’m going soft. I promise!

I’m looking forward to sharing both sides of my writing world with everyone.  Check back often (or better  yet, subscribe–check the sidebar for options), to see all the news. Thanks for stopping by — I hope to see you around again real soon, you hear?

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