Yesterday, my church family suffered a great loss. The news story is here, but a beautiful 19-year-old girl died because a man drank too much and decided to drive home.

She died because he got drunk and decided to drive home.

Kasey Waychoff had the looks of a beauty queen and the soul of an angel. This is not an exaggeration. She was an exceptional young lady, kind and sweet, someone who would make a difference.  As one of my friends astutely said, “The world needed her.” And now we won’t know what she could have accomplished. But more than that, she leaves behind devastated parents and a younger brother. Friends who had to witness the horror of her death. Sorority sisters in deep shock. A community who grieves her loss.

Because a man got drunk and decided to drive home.

Senseless…and that’s all that can be said.




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