Readers Are Rock Stars

And how are all you Rock Stars today? : )  I hope your weekends were amazing!

First, I have a couple of announcements (you know, broccoli first, then your cake, right?):

1) I’ve started putting snippets of my current work in progress, UPRISING, out on my Facebook page every Saturday. Yep, the Saturday Snippet is now alive and well! There are already a few up there, so go take a look. (P.S., unless you’ve read UNSTRUNG, you’re looking at spoilers. And, oh, hey, the UNFINISHED novella is free. Just saying. : D)

2) If you’ve read the Matt Archer series, I made a little announcement over on about some potential new fiction.  More Matt? Go check it out and see! I’m looking for suggestions, too.

Whew, and that’s business done! Now onto our main topic….

I wanted to point y’all to an awesome post by my writer buddy/crit partner/amazing author Becca Andre about reader appreciation. Lately, I’ve read some fantastic fiction, and as a writer, I know how much reviews and feedback mean to authors, so I made sure I followed my own advice and wrote up a bunch of reviews (including on Becca’s newest, The Alchemist’s Flame, which is awesome!).  But that’s the thing…we do rely on our readers to get the word out about our books. There’s only so much annoying BUY MY BOOKS promotion I want to do on Twitter or Facebook (or even here). I’d rather make posts like these…so having our readers tell a friend about our work is really key to our ongoing success. Because at the end of the day, this writing thing is hard, especially when you have a day job and family and…and…and…but that really points back to the encouragement we get from our readers to keep going. You are both Rock Stars, and the bedrock that holds up our writerly foundations.

Hmm, put that way, writers could logically be compared to plants, I think: give us sunlight (word of mouth), good soil (reviews), and water (comments on blogs/retweets/waves hello), and we’ll keep thriving.

So thanks for all you do, Rock Stars. Together, we can keep great fiction flowing!

Speaking of which, is there any particular question you need answered about either the Matt Archer or Unstrung series?  Any burning “what ifs” you want to know?

2 thoughts on “Readers Are Rock Stars

  1. karyrader

    Yep! All true -and as far as broccoli before cake, I’d rather have broccoli especially if it’s in a casserole that you made! Readers Rock a Writer’s World! Hugs and Love!

  2. Becca Andre

    Um, if Uprising snippets and more Matt are broccoli, then I just became a vegetarian. 😉 Thanks for the mention. The readers aren’t the only ones who rock around here!


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